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Aluminum Pipe Systems is a Canadian Supplier of Coiled Aluminum Pipe products and services. Our products are used primarily for natural gas and petroleum liquid gathering and distribution systems. Aluminum Pipe Systems is committed to providing our customers with superior service and products at a reasonable cost. Aluminum Pipe Systems is pleased to offer the following services to your company:
  • Main Office, Fabrication and Repair Facilities are located in West Central Alberta near the Town of Eckville (30 minutes west of Red Deer & Highway #2)
  • Sales of coiled and stick aluminum pipe, fittings, parts, and associated materials
  • Supplier of High Energy Joining Technician Training and Qualification
  • 24 hour emergency repair service of coiled Aluminum Pipe, Canada wide
  • Installation of pipeline gathering systems utilizing plough, trench, and ditching methods
  • Track and wheeled units for ploughing underground systems - over 44 years of pipeline experience
  • General pipeline installation, fabrication and repairs - steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite pipe systems.
  • Safety Programs (COR certified), and Quality Assurance Program
Aluminum Pipe Systems is a junior company to Skocdopole Construction Ltd. Please see our website at

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